about the photographer

As a photographer, I have made it my mission to capture the beautiful human essence of each of my subjects and a unique perspective of world in which we live. When I became a mother, I realized what really inspires me is the desire to preserve the special moments of childhood and the dynamics of family gatherings. I studied Marketing and Art at Boston College, with an internship in Advertising for Calvin Klein Cosmetics and a semester abroad in Madrid, Spain, where I developed an eye for balance and perspective.


Based in the Queens Botanical Garden in New York, I have access to the most beautiful urban garden and the stunning natural beauty of the arboretum and specialty gardens. They are perfect backdrops for creating photo albums that I know will be viewed and cherished for years.



How can we help you?

Book a Mini Session at the Queens Botanical Garden for special holidays.

Check https://queensbotanical.org/?s=ehatzi for new listings around Mother's Day, Father's Day and Fall Foliage. 

Or send me a question to eryn@ehatizphoto.com